Letter to Stranger


Everyday is passing, every thought is crossing, every moment is fading but what is constant that you are still the stranger like always. Starting from strangers to friends to lovers to convenience sometimes but what is constant is that you remain a stranger in the end.

Ohh my stranger, I was so reluctant earlier as I forgot to intimate you of my arrival into the glory world. And when I intimated, you were out of the glory world. I was numb for a while, then the other stranger came into the glory world. But what is constant the soul has not changed, the dreams are yet so high, love is more to give, affection is more and more.

Spending those hours, spending those nights with the hope of  getting rid with this stranger. Oh my stranger, how I can avoid you when I, myself is a stranger in the world. This is insane as we all are sailing in the same boat, strangers in the beginning and in the end of life too. But what is constant, I like to be part of this glory world full of surprises.


Love to all my strangers…….

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