Finally: the new innings

via Daily Prompt: Finally

Finally, she is out of it

New year, new beginning, new hopes with new desires, every one seems to be more busy but I want to play with this word “Finally”, which has or can give deeper meaning.

Th silly, yes the silly, finally is out of that pain and sorrow, full of contentment wants to run and say loud. Finally the day has come to be myself, to be real no matter what you think, the disgrace has left the window now.

Finally, this lady has accepted her flaws with such a grace, defining her actual being. Indeed, she is dubious as she was unknown of her hidden layers, stunned by her own tantrums.

A hitch in the plan or in the goal, will always come but finally,  she was out of it. It’s the arrival of new innings, the junked mind is overtaken by a fresh lime soda, the freshness in the thoughts is the sign of commencement..

Finally, let’s throw away the shyness millions far away, let’s not jump to the conclusion, she told to herself don’t be a runner like him, confront the weakness making it a lesson. Escaping is the easiest of all so don’t be adamant like him and finally, she was out of it.



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