A cup of coffee

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 7.55.40 pm

Bubbles all around

In my cup of coffee

I first saw him

Sipping the coffee

My upper lip was covered

With froth of desire.


Bubbles disappear soon

As soon as I sipped my coffee

Scrolling the keys

Reading some random pages

To create the flow of feelings

With the foam of love

Along with the thirsty ideas.


Mood was to sip slowly

To hold on the mood gradually

The Beats in the café

Were catching the attention

To dwell on the swing

Of that rendezvous.


Coffee was about to finish

Still in the aura of first sip

On the layers of foam

With the froth of will.


Wanting more bubbles

In the flight of dreams

The sugary effect was caramelised

To have sweeter and brown memories

In the end of conversation.


Could boomerang on me

If given more attention!


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar

Photo by Pexels

4 thoughts on “A cup of coffee

      1. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I do have this ache to be bared and inspected. It’s one of those thoughts that cause me to sit uncomfortably in my seat, and yet I struggle to put the longing into words or rationally explain why. The desperately needing which cannot be spelled out so easily, this all consuming desire which needs to be sated. Sure it’s easy to just gravitate towards those that understand without actually needing it spelled out, and lord knows there are parts of me that certainly doesn’t want to have to, but I don’t know… maybe there is something to the searching… to figuring out the what and why of something so you can learn how to say the unsaid………..

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