If I had known!

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If I had known that he had some plans up his sleeve, I would have surrendered long back with the storms inside.


If I had known, the storms had calmed long back to settle the words inside, knocking to burst out.


If I had known, the barriers kept would be the open gates to receive the warm welcome, blushing all the day with the charm.


If I had known that he had some tricks up his sleeve, I would have been a white pigeon with closed eyes, cooing all night to have a relaxed tomorrow.


But the present said,“ your blind eyes turned to be the milestone of future, giving the treasures along with the pleasures of the life.”


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar



Met a cur!

Peeping through the window

To look at the shadow

Which is never a cur.


The shadow symbolises honesty

Never leaves you in light

To become a part of that bright.


The throng is busy

Updating the status of life

Whereas the shadow is calm

To observe the birds happily fighting

Over food and shelter.


But they are not pretending at all

Like I met an attractive cur

Dazzled by the hidden lust

Layering the butter around

To fatten the belly

With the unspoken mean words.


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar




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Elaborate to the world

That you have wings to fly

That you have dreams to fulfil

That you have plans to implement.


Why to elaborate then

When the things are unpredictable

But this human whim

Yearning all the time to fly

When the will is high.


If he could have

Stopped and elaborated more

With much concern and love

But, I was knocking

At the wrong door

As good things come

Little later to surprise

The symphony of life.


He elaborated much

But, I failed to comprehend

His indications to end

The walk on same path

with hidden excuses.


Happy is the day

Because I failed

I have won the heart

Of the present time

Ready to read

This new chapter of my book.


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar



The game!!!!

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Let’s start the game

with an appellation

you nominate

having crossed fingers

that it’s not me



You are so rebellious

with the deceit

in your eyes

losing is the only 


I realize.


Don’t sympathise

as it’s just a remedy

The manifestation of 

my bravery.


A player never 

advertises sympathy

so don’t surprise the

the dignity 

of recreation.


Don’t sympathise

when I compromise

in every situation

crossing the formidable

hurdles of a champion.


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize



The future!!! : Puzzled

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The time

then and there

with a tick-tock

in my mind

having suspicions 

to arrange a format

to rewind.

As he was puzzled

with the perplexed 

attitude of mine

yet we were

thrilled to bits

having a definite

beauty of life



The clock is ticking 

for the peaceful


of future

But he was puzzling

over the uncertainty

of mine

Lacking behind

the spirit and courage

of thine.


She pondered

the question of what

will be the agenda

again and again

But he was still

puzzled with

his silly grin

and calling 

this a formula.


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Puzzled



The dead end!!!!: Profuse

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The paths are tangled

With her messed up hair

The quarrels are sweetened

With his bogus statement.


Is this a dead end

Where we have arrived

But the expression is 

Thanking profusely

To hold on the gratitude

So tight.


Is this a dead end

Which dawned bright and crisp

Nobody was accused of 

Being a malfeasance

By the authority 

Of law.


The profuse intuitions 

Carrying different inclinations

As every path has a dead end

With a twisted scheme

Let’s take a one-eighty degree turn

To arrive at a destination.


Is this a dead end or a continuation!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Profuse



Much faded!!!: Conveyor

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Slowly and gradually

The memories are so confused

Not bothering the intention

With the passage of time.


It’s time to say

Adieu to the faded world

In order to have a vow

But a conveyor of remembrance

Keeps invoking a collection

Of bygones.


Let’s celebrate the irony

Of time here, there and everywhere

As fading is much intended

In the current interval of time

The colours are more prominent

With the occurrence of time

When the conveyor is taking

Us to the flight of pride.


Still fading is much intended.


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Conveyor


Photo from Pinterest


An unknown tincture!!!!: Cavity

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 8.57.41 pm.pngYou are not static

I am not static

the world is not static

but this unknown tincture

taking me to a heavenly ride

full of chaos

where a cavity is 

awaiting to be filled

with your presence

Don’t stare at 

the infinity of space

but think of

the infinity of ours

Feel the aura within 

your existence

giving the clarity

to be mine

But the cavity is still



Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Cavity




She peeped through the window!!!: Inkling

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 11.21.23 pmWhen she peeped 

Through the window

In a rainy day

Sipping a coffee.


She had an inkling

That the rough sides 

Are often vital

For a new mouvement.


It’s the arrival of new moon

With the shadows of peace

Knocking at her doorstep soon

with the zeal for contact.


Her sudden inkling

Had an outrageous effect

In a dangerous way

Introspecting her own reasons.


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Inkling



The mighty God!!!: Inscrutable

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Sometimes kindness

Comes unsolicited

Sometimes gentleness

Comes unintentionally.


The ways of God

Are inscrutable

Like the ways of karma

Then why to mingle

It’s oddity.


Oh my deity!

You are the messenger

Of our delightful tales

Arousing the credence

Yet inscrutable.


My mighty Almighty

A cluster of flowers

Having the aroma

Tantalised by your aura

Yet inscrutable.


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable





The shining silhouette of Sun: Silhouette

IMG_1854The rays are bright

As the brightness of your shine

The shadows are as visible

As the visibility of yours.


The warmth of sunlight

Has the depth of daylight

The brightness of yours 

Giving the coloured boldness to life.


The shining silhouette of yours, the Sun

Is vivid and lively

Like the silhouette of buildings

Depicting the grandeur of life.


Your silhouette is the symbol

Of the illuminating world

Carrying a beam of light

To cross the dense clouds.


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette




Does the peace has trills!!!: Trill

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Oh my dilly

I have a unique facet

Figure out in deep

Meditations of yours.


Yes, I am peace

Having trills in me

Don’t be amazed

And muddled.


Indeed, I am your peace

Sense the trills

Residing inside you

Eluded since long.


Oh my dilly

The clock is trilling

Like the birds are trilling

With the trills in you

I am not pseudo

But your peace!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Trill


Photo by Pexels 


Am I a free soul!!: Dominant

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.07.49 am.png

Are you unrestricted

Am I restricted

the world is dominant

in generality

The clichés are all set

Am I a free soul!

having wings of desire

I am not a marionette 

so don’t pinion me

to the ground

yet, this dominant mankind

is detecting reasons

to snip my aspirations

The hopes are

not dominant to fate

then why not to render

the art of benevolence

let me feel the winds

in inexplicable way

be a doyen

of the drama

why, I can’t

asking the glory!!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Dominant


Photo by PEXELS




You and I: A tardy effect


Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.57.24 pm

You are sentient

I  was reactive

Let’s be unconscious

In a bloomy air.


I am unaware 

You were aware

In a tardy manner

Don’t make a motion.


I am intimidated

You were unbiased

With a tardy riposte

Don’t deem too.


You and I

In a winter zone

You call it providence

I call it boon.


Bhavya Prabhakar


via Daily Prompt: Tardy 




Candid: The candid art!!

The Parisian art, streets of Paris


I am candid enough

to rough the mind

to roll your eyes

to commence with smile.


The candid shot

taken with attention

why to be timorous!

in front of you.


My candid body 

has the nostalgic allure

in the streets of Paris

yet, I recall my juvenile.


My candid aura

has the enlightenment

to preserve the artistic form

yet, I am vexed. 

via Daily Prompt: Candid



Bhavya Prabhakar

Horizon: The new horizon

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Photo by Pexels, 20 January 2018

via Daily Prompt: Horizon


The new horizon 

Is entering her zone

Provoking the happiness inside

If the sea has more profundity

Why she is aloof!


If the nature has wider horizon

Why to quest for gaiety 

In the leaves 

Which are shedding 

To blossom more!!


The slight breeze

Jovially ruffled her hairs

With an indication

The innermost horizon 

Is cheerfulness

Why to hunt alone!!


She has never seen any signs

May be wasn’t looking deep down

The mountains are as daring as

Her inclination to yield up

Yet her fancy horizon 

Is gearing up.


Bhavya Prabhakar


Blink: An ode to Mona Lisa and her Creator!!

Photo taken on 29 August 2015, The Chateau du Clos-Lucé, Parc Léonardo da Vinci, Amboise. The Official residence of Vinci where he died.


via Daily Prompt: Blink


Blink Blink Blink!!

The creation to his Creator

You have given me soul, my lord

With an identity

Becoming the entity.


Why I don’t wink and blink! my lord

While the spectators keep blinking

With astonishment in the eyes

You made me vivacious

With the bloom of yours.


Yet, I don’t blink and wink, my lord

You are gone, my lamented Vinci

Giving me your fervency

The doubts are transpiring

In the intervening period of time.


Yet, I don’t blink and wink!

I remain in tranquillity

With your commitment

The perspicacity of remarks

Don’t agitate me, My Vinci.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 8.34.02 pm

The majestic grandeur

Creation’s of yours,” Mona Lisa”

Pay homage to the Creator.

The suspicions on my existence

Will be like ice on fire

Yet, I don’t blink and wink!


Bhavya Prabhakar


Agile: An agile past or present!

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Photo by Pexels, 17 January 2018

via Daily Prompt: Agile


The room is all set

The walls are moistened

With the inked floor

The word agile is freaking me out

But agile mind is still thinking about the night.


The agile past 

Or the agile present

Which is more dominant on future!

If the time is as agile as the thinking

Why to bemoan!


The reasons are undefined

With the knocking of time

The questions are more agile 

With the period of time

Why to pump!


Let’s be apt to the situation

In order to be an adept

This agile vocable is

Creating nuance

Then why to agonise!



Bhavya Prabhakar


Loophole: Was there any Loophole!

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Photo by Pexels, 16 January

via Daily Prompt: Loophole


Some days, we wander and wonder

Questioning the ways of life

Was there any loophole!

When we reminisced last

Forgetting the path.


The day has it’s charm

Tuning to have that warmth

The corner of my room

With the dark dusky roof

Restoring the magical aura.

Was there any loophole in the perception!


My thoughts are haphazard

Like the books in my shelf

When I envy other stories

Eulogising the titles of talent

Was there any loophole in the content

When I started the path!


The days are gone

Mesmerising is on

The Sun was setting

With setting of my new room

Was there any loophole in the words

When I wrote!



Bhavya Prabhakar