Lying on bed!

Lying on bed

Observing the leaves

Dancing to the tunes of wind

The love is so reciprocal

Between the wind and the leaves.

The peace is eternal

When the focus

Tuned in a glimpse

Of jealous bee

Hunting for the

Move to be made.

An empty mind

Looking to focus

What I want

Focus or peace?

I, the soul,

Admire the beauty

With beast

The beauty of nature

With the dust of life.

Lying on bed

Observing the leaves

Dancing to the tunes of wind

The love is eternal

Between the admirer

And the one being admired.

The focus moved to

The rushy plants

Beneath the feet

Of the faces

From the world.

The leaves pause

When the wind is

Away from the love

Yet, the peace is eternal!

© Bhavya Prabhakar

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Come close to life!

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Jump into the river

Feel the sun

See the trees

Come close to life.


Release the tensions

Close the books

Come out of words

To attain the essence

Come close to life.


Stop working for a day

Walk on the streets

Observe the sky

Listen to birds

Chanting to please nature

Come close to life.


Stop running for a day

After the goals

Surprise the self

Bear the heat

Of the bright sun

Feel the sweat

Come close to life.


Look at the stars

Similar yet different

All over the world

Why differences

Then, here and there

Is it all about perceptions?


Commit to the soul

Stop and cease the moments

Come close to life!


©Bhavya Prabhakar

Inspired by some hindi lines from Radio ” Zindagi jee ke dekho ”


A feeling of Love!!!

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L’amour est la poésie des sens.

“Love is the poetry of the senses.”


A feeling unknown

In a sudden known

With the goose-bumps

In a way.


Why love destroys

Or the people, who do it

To blame the feeling

To make it challenging

To replicate the emotions

With slow breaths.


Love is the poetry of words

Crossing the bridge

With the calming sounds of water

In a rhyming song of arousal

With some puzzled tones

In which each sense

Twirls in delight

To show off the moods

To surrender.


Let’s love this feeling

To pass on as a symbol

To rejuvenate the generations

To incarnate the changing

Expressions of the fella

Don’t fix just one day!!


Let’s honour this feeling

Each day with more amusement….


Bhavya Prabhakar



Does the peace has trills!!!: Trill

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Oh my dilly

I have a unique facet

Figure out in deep

Meditations of yours.


Yes, I am peace

Having trills in me

Don’t be amazed

And muddled.


Indeed, I am your peace

Sense the trills

Residing inside you

Eluded since long.


Oh my dilly

The clock is trilling

Like the birds are trilling

With the trills in you

I am not pseudo

But your peace!


Bhavya Prabhakar

via Daily Prompt: Trill


Photo by Pexels 


Horizon: The new horizon

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Photo by Pexels, 20 January 2018

via Daily Prompt: Horizon


The new horizon 

Is entering her zone

Provoking the happiness inside

If the sea has more profundity

Why she is aloof!


If the nature has wider horizon

Why to quest for gaiety 

In the leaves 

Which are shedding 

To blossom more!!


The slight breeze

Jovially ruffled her hairs

With an indication

The innermost horizon 

Is cheerfulness

Why to hunt alone!!


She has never seen any signs

May be wasn’t looking deep down

The mountains are as daring as

Her inclination to yield up

Yet her fancy horizon 

Is gearing up.


Bhavya Prabhakar


Entertain: An evening in Paris



An evening in Paris, 29 December, 2015

via Daily Prompt: Entertain


Paris, my love

City of lights

Romanticising the glory

Backside of her spirit.


He made it true

By making it a story

The time was entertaining

Until she knows his duality.


The entertaining throng made her audacious

She was unaware

Of the unpleasant worry

But the leaves and wind

Keeping her cosy.


The entertaining French

were super glowing.

Like the glow in her eyes

But he kept mum

Instead of the verity.


Oh my Love, “Paris”

Asking the glory

Entertainment is static and forlorn

Without his consent

So let’s be pragmatic.



Bhavya Prabhakar