The Flaws !!!!

“If you are accused of your flaws, it’s better to acknowledge the accusation than to be triggered by the action”



Where is perfection

In dream or in reality

We become flawless or

We are born perfect!!


He accused her of sins

To decide his future

To follow his aspirations

To be free in the world.


She accepted her sins

To demotivate her desires

To acknowledge his behaviour

To be lost in her flaws.


Why to be distressed

If the flaws are part of attributes

Remember your qualities

To learn from the accusation

To attain perfection.


He accused her more

To find more motives

To overcome his iniquity

To neglect his sins.


Acceptance is onerous

If the will is envious

To play its role…!!!!!


(c)Bhavya Prabhakar