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It’s ringing

again and again

to coordinate

with the time.


The cords

have connected

the right connection

after a while.


Its thin body

has flexible touch

often takes me

into the long



What if, this

thin and tiny

tool escapes

from my life!


I would want

to have a taste

of golden era

with lots of



I admired and envied

this thin object

which can access

my experiences

with the names

on it.


Copyright Bhavya Prabhakar



A deadly disease or deadly relief: Technology(smartphones, gadgets, internet , smart world)

While sipping tea, random thoughts encounter with each other or bounce back. Asking the glory, why technology is so gloomy? Why social media is a foe? Hindering communication or building!!

Why not the other way round that the relationships are so feeble, that is why we attain the gratitude to be part of this social media. Day by day, we are making good friends with the virtual world to support our ideologies as mankind is becoming outrageous.


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By Pexels

Oh my deadly disease

he said

you are killing me

in a dangerous way

by a unreliable source

your bondage keeps me awake

to drift off

yet engulfed

in my own way

giving me the instruction

provoking me to hinder

by it’s sublime effect

when my fingers crave 

to fit into virtual memory

to make the storage 

of my beliefs

Perhaps, I am day dreaming!


But you are my deadly relief

providing me your 

void space

dwelling in your 


chichi enough to make me 

fall for you

but be cautious

handle with care 

is necessitated

as, I owe my freedom to you!!


Bhavya Prabhakar